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Our son is 4 months old and he is doing so much better and we are so grateful. Between the lactation consultant and the chiropractor we have seen huge improvements in his tension, nursing, digestive system, and disposition. He is a smiley boy who is just so much more relaxed and so happy! I am able to go to places without worrying about him crying the whole time and we are finally able to have dinner as a family again. My baby is a different baby because of Dr. Haley.

Kelsey C.

Dr. Haley is just the best! My daughter was breech and I saw Dr. Haley weekly to help get my body aligned for her to flip. Baby waited until the day before my scheduled C-section but she flipped!! My birth was so smooth. I’m so thankful to have gone during pregnancy and now see her postpartum. I am feeling so good thanks to Dr. Haley! Also, my daughter had her tongue and lip ties released and I felt so confident in Dr Haley. I have such a happy and well rested babe! We are beyond appreciative of Evergreen Chiropractic!!

Myah W.

Dr. Haley helped set me up for an easy delivery and then helped support my baby with breastfeeding and oral tie help! She’s awesome!

Hannah G.

Dr Haley has helped my son so much through his first 4 months. He was a late-pre/term transverse c-section baby with a posterior and lip tie. With her care our little guy’s latched improved, tension diminished, and bowels started moving regularly. He sleeps beautifully and is an overall happy baby. All of these positives I attribute to Dr Haley’s chiropractic care, along with some other care partners as well (IBCLC ☺️)! Dr Haley has a gentle and kind spirit and makes us feel so comfortable during our visits. Can’t say enough good things!

Caylee J.

I'm so happy to have found Evergreen Chiropractic. Dr. Haley and is such a delight. The office is clean, bright and welcoming. I have never seen a chiropractor who has taken such care to assess me, but also explain why particular techniques might be helpful. I started coming to see Dr. Haley when I was around 26 weeks pregnant. I've never felt better, particularly as I come to the tail end of this pregnancy. Dr. Haley has been so helpful and encouraging, going above and beyond to make sure each of her patients feel seen, heard and known. What a blessing she is to the community.

Nicole B.

I've been going to Dr. Haley for a year now and I cannot even begin to express how much she has helped my body. She's helped me with several different areas of my body and has been extremely informative throughout the process. She genuinely cares about all of her patients. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Abby S.

Highly recommend Dr. Haley to any expecting mama! I noticed such a difference almost immediately and I am so thankful I decided to invest in chiropractic care for my pregnancy.

Bethanne H.

Dr. Haley is a truly kind, caring soul. She works with gentleness and truly has a healing touch. If you are looking for a chiropractic relationship in the downtown Lees Summit, I highly recommend her.

David T.

We love Dr. Haley! Her office is so warm and welcoming and she is very knowledgeable about chiropractic care of babies! I highly recommend her to all of my fellow moms!

Erin P.

Dr. Haley is amazing. Her level of genuine care tailored toward your needs and attention to detail is unmatched. Truly exceptional service and value!

Chase W.

I love Dr. Haley's gentle and *effective* approach - especially when I was pregnant. My baby girl loves her adjustments as well. (I was shocked by how much chiropractic helped with her latch!)
I will always recommend Evergreen!

Serena C.

I felt so welcomed when I arrived. Haley knows what she is doing. I was so comfortable with her knowledge and her skills. As a matter of fact I told everyone that I ran into that day about her. She is amazing and I totally recommend her and her staff.

Michelle G.

Dr. Haley is incredibly kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor who will listen and truly cares about her patients.

Tes H.

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