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At your first visit we will give you a tour of the office, review your health history, discuss your primary health goals, perform our a specific neuro-spinal evaluation called the CLA INSiGHT Scan (see more about these below), and receive your first adjustment.

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The doctor will sit down with you to review your neurological scans, discuss their recommendations for care, if we need follow up exams such as x-rays, and if you choose to commit to health and healing, we will decide on a financial option moving forward. 

*We do recommend bringing your spouse or person you make financial decisions with to this appointment. 

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CLA INSiGHT is a computerized, non-invasive, painless test that allows us to get a baseline of how your body is reacting to life's stressors. It measures how your nerves communicate with your muscles, how your nerves communicate with your organs, and how your nervous system adapts to stress.

These scans allow us to accurately detect dysfunction in your nervous system beyond what you may be feeling or experiencing symptomatically.

They are incredibly informative tests that don’t cause any discomfort.

They’re safe and gentle for the entire family — even newborns!

In our everyday life, our nervous systems perceive and are having to adapt:

  • traumas (physical stressors such as birth, slips/falls, car accidents)

  • toxins (chemical stressors such as poor food choices, pollutants, drugs)

  • autosuggestion (emotional stressors such as school, work, bullies)

The INSiGHT scans are made up of the three most important spinal-neural tests:  Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Surface EMG, and Thermal — which work together to tell us how stress is impacting your overall health and well-being.

Heart Rate Variability: Your heart rate variability, or HRV, scan measures how your nervous system is adapting to stress. This lets us know if you’re stuck in a stressed mode of function or a calm mode of function.

sEMG (Static Electromyography): sEMG scans assess how the nerves are communicating with the muscles that maintain posture. Knowing how this communication is being distributed gives us a good overall picture of the function of the nervous system.

Rolling Thermal: Rolling thermal scans take temperatures along your spine. In the same way that the skin around a healing cut will get hot, our nerves give off a heat response when there is interference. This measures how our nerves are communicating with organs, glands, and blood vessels.

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