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Do we accept insurance?

We do accept HSA and FSA, however we do not accept insurance in our office. Insurance changes how we can care for our patients because their companies are not focused on any preventative or wellness services. We are invested in serving you from a proactive approach to your health and wellness and believe your care should not be limited. We are able to keep our pricing low by not accepting insurance because we do not have the added cost of billing. We often find that our family and individual wellness plans are lower than most co-pays which is something you will encounter with an in-network provider. We are willing to provide you with documentation to get reimbursed for the services you receive in our office if you are willing to file yourself. We are here to serve you and will do what we can to help.

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Why would I take my baby to the Chiropractor?

Birth is the first trauma we all experience in life whether it is vaginal or ceserean. A child's nervous system is strained during this time and can alter the early movement systems making them arch, struggle nursing, spit up, experience constipation, etc. Pediatric Chiropractors specialize in the balancing of the nervous system to remove interference in their bodies that is causing them stress and discomfort, which allows them to feel more calm, connected, and balanced. This sets a child up for a healthier and brighter future.

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What is your cancellation policy?

Your appointment is reserved just for you and/or your family. If there is a cancellation under 24 hours notice, there will be a 50% missed appointment charge to your account. There will be no exceptions for cancellations under the 24 hour mark. Prior to each appointment there is a 24 hour reminder text to check which can be utilized to ensure that you are still able to make your appointment on time. The only authorized method of cancellation will be by text or phone call to which you can leave a voicemail if we are not in the office. Due to our office visits being longer than most chiropractic offices, this helps us to meet the needs of those who are waiting to get an appointment.

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