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Chiropractor and Owner

From an early age, Dr. Haley found chiropractic care through her love for horses. She realized the impact chiropractic care made on her horses performance which led her to her own first adjustment.

Dr. Haley went to Truman State University where she studied exercise physiology and began her love for the human body. She then furthered her education at Cleveland Chiropractic College where she found her passion for trusting the bodies innate ability to express health.

Dr. Haley loves to serve her Evergreen families to help them to live a life full of health and potential. She loves to encourage patients through their own healing journey, helping them to trust the body God designed. 

Dr. Haley and her family live in Pleasant Hill. She is a retired Field Artillery Captain, Army wife, mother, adventure lover, and is obsessed with chai tea. Her and her husband Chase have one son Brooks(1) who you can see frequenting the office and greeting patients.

Certifications & Qualifications:

Missouri State Board Certified

Certified by National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

Webster Technique Certified for Pregnant Mothers

Certificate of Proficiency in Pediatric and Family Chiropractic

Tricia Mackey

Office Care Coordinator

Tricia joined Evergreen Chiropractic in September 2022 as the Office Care Coordinator.  In her role, she handles the patient scheduling, phones, finances, and performs our neurological scans. Tricia also has one other very important role where she gets to hold the babies and read books to the children as their moms and dads get adjusted (her favorite part of course). 

Tricia grew up in Lee's Summit and began working in supportive administrative roles as a senior in high school.  She and her husband, Jon, were married in 1997 and raised two boys, Mason and Landon.  She enjoys bargain shopping, reading, and cooking.



Evergreens are continually fresh and self renewing just like you are continually fresh and renewed by the grace of God. At our office, we strive to allow your body to heal from the inside out and self renew because the body was designed to be intelligent and self healing. It is our mission to support you through your seasons of growth and maintenance to ensure your body operates at its best during all the seasons of your life.

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