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The Power an Adjustment Can Release

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

I first came to Dr. Lacey when I was three weeks pregnant. As a chiropractic student, I understand the importance of maintaining proper biomechanics within the pelvis and reducing and removing interference to the nervous system; what most surprised me is the power of an adjustment during labor. When those two faint, perfect pink lines showed up on that pregnancy test, my first thought was that I couldn’t wait to tell my husband…but my second thought was that I needed a rock-star chiropractor on my birthing team. Dr. Lacey meant much more to me than a weekly adjustment. She created a safe space that allowed me to be vulnerable and express my true potential.

I was checked twice a week throughout my pregnancy, and the few times I only went once a week, I could feel the disconnect within my system. How the disconnection manifested was different every time, spanning anywhere from the typical low back pain all the way to restless leg. The adjustment indeed helped with the discomfort pregnancy can bring, but more important, it increased my connection with our unborn baby. I remember vividly lying down on Dr. Lacey’s adjusting table; during the adjustment I felt the connection between our baby and myself deepen. This would stay true throughout my pregnancy and with each adjustment, especially during labor.

When that big question mark of a day finally arrived, I went into labor and immediately asked Dr. Lacey to come over and adjust me. As soon as she did, labor progressed and the contractions got closer together and increased in intensity. A little further into labor, she adjusted me again, and again labor progressed. Looking back at it now, I have a new appreciation for the adjustment. Without Dr. Lacey and her adjustments throughout my pregnancy and labor, my journey to motherhood would not have unfolded with as much beauty and ease as it did. I almost hesitate to use the word ease, because my labor was not without digging deep and doing the work that was asked of me. Through chiropractic, my body, mind, spirit, and daughter were fully connected, allowing the birthing process to unfold exactly as it was designed to. And so, yes, my baby was birthed with ease. It is my vision and hope that every mom has a chiropractor on her birth team to deepen the connection between herself and her baby, so each family can experience a fully connected birth just as it was designed by our creator.

—Mallory Josh

Appearing in Pathways to

Family Wellness Magazine

Issues #57 & #69

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